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The world's first and only chest-worn wearable that helps you actively care for your heart and gives you real-time alerts.

Frontier X measures advanced physiological metrics with medical grade accuracy.



  • Cardiac Strain estimation based on your ECG*

  • ECG live-streaming and recording for up to 24 hours, and detailed ECG summary available on the web app*  

  • Effort estimation based on Breathing Rate

  • Real-time vibration alerts when you cross your Effort and Strain thresholds

  • Estimation of your Internal Training Load based on Effort across all sports

  • Suitable for running, cycling, swimming and other endurance sports

  • IP67, Waterproof up to 1.5 metres

  • Battery: Upto 24 hours of continuous use, or two weeks of typical use.
  • Option to see real-time data on Apple watches and Apple/Android phones
  • Option to train distraction-free without a watch or phone by using real-time vibration alerts
  • Workout highlights available on the device
  • Workout summary available immediately afterwards on your phone
  • Accurate Heart Rate measurement
  • Easy to follow post-workout training insights
  • Apps available for iOS and Android phones, as well as for Apple watches