The Frontier Pioneer Referral Program

The Frontier Pioneer Program

Terms and Conditions

A) Overview

Welcome to the Fourth Frontier Program ("Program"). The Program is initiated by us to increase our reach by providing our Fourth Frontier Products to the consumers and proposed customers. By participating in the Program, you agree to these Terms and Conditions. This program is valid at all geographies within US except in the States where it is prohibited by Law.

Further this Program and its benefits are conditional on and subject to the local laws and regulations. You shall not be authorized to participate in the Program, if you do not agree to the terms and conditions of the Program in their entirety. 

The person making the referral is called "Referrer" and the person being referred is called "Referee".

B) Eligibility

  1. You must be a legal resident of the jurisdiction in which you reside and be at least 18 years of age to participate in the Program.
  2. Referrer shall be in sound mind and eligible to form a legally binding contracts under the applicable laws.
  3. Employees of Fourth Frontier are not eligible for this Program

C) Program Incentives

The intent of this program is to reward Referrer and Referee for sharing their passion for Fourth Frontier products with their friends, relatives and family.

Referrer: For each successful referral, the Referrer will receive $50. This amount will be sent within 45 days following a successful purchase by the Referee.

Referee: The Referee will receive a 25% discount code for first purchase. This discount is activated by using the coupon code provided by the Referrer.

D) Successful Referral

A "Successful Referral" occurs when:

  1. The Referee makes a purchase on the Fourth Frontier website using the coupon code provided by the Referrer.
  1. The Purchase by the Referee is not returned or refunded within the 15 day period following the purchase date.

E) Participation Guidelines

  1. Referrers can share their unique referral code via email, social media, or other direct communications to their friends and family.
  1. Referrals are valid only if the Referee is a new customer to Fourth Frontier.
  1. Referrers may not refer themselves.
  1. The Policy is valid from 12th September to 31st December 2024.

F1) Limitations and Exclusions

  1. The 25% discount code is only applicable for the Referee's first purchase and cannot be combined with other promotions or offers.
  1. Fourth Frontier reserves the right to amend, cancel, add or modify the terms including terminating the Program at any time without notice. 
  1. Fourth Frontier has the right to decline or cancel your participation in the Program, with or without advance notice, if your participation is enabling a fraudulent or illegal purpose.

    G) Representation and warranties

    The referrers warrant that they:

    a) shall comply with all applicable commercial and public anti-bribery laws;

    b) shall not engage in activity in the nature of abusive, fraudulent, or spamming;

    c) shall not do any activity which infringe the intellectual property rights of  Fourth Frontier;

    d) shall not transmit any file that contains viruses and any other contaminating or destructive features in the website / network  e) shall not do any activities which are illegal and prohibited by law.

    Further the referrers warrant that they do not have any authority to represent or bind themselves as the agent of Fourth Frontier. Nothing in the referral program shall be deemed to create any kind of relationship between the referrers and Fourth Frontier.

    H) Abuse & Termination

    Any abuse of the Program, including but not limited to, multiple referrals to the same individual, or attempts to gain rewards through false or misleading means, failure to adhere the terms and conditions of the Program will result in disqualification and termination from the Program. 

    I) Data Privacy

    By participating in the Program, you consent to Fourth Frontier's Privacy Policy, which can be found at

    J) Governing Law and Jurisdiction

    These Terms are governed by the laws of the State of Texas, without regard to its conflict of laws principles. Any claim, dispute or controversy between the Parties arising out of, in connection with or relating to this Agreement, or the breach, termination or invalidity hereof (“Dispute”) that cannot be amicably resolved by the Parties within 30 days from the date that such Dispute arose, then either Party to the Dispute shall be entitled to refer the Dispute to arbitration in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association (AAA). The decision of the arbitration is final and binding on both parties.

    K) Severability

    If any provision of the terms and conditions of the Program is declared invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect. In such case, the Parties shall take efforts in good faith to modify the invalid or unenforceable article or to agree on a new article that is valid and enforceable.

    L) Contact

    For any questions about the Program, please contact