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Maintain a sustainable pace using breathing rate alerts

Paula, 31, Perfect Pacing

Paul, 31, is an experienced local elite level runner and Professional USA Triathlon and Ironman Triathlete, who had a good handle on his pacing. But after competing in the Ironman 70.3 Waco just a week before the NYC Marathon, he was going into the race with less confidence with his ability to pace himself.

FRONTIER X HELPED PAUL Run at a sustainable pace by using internal effort based on breathing rate.

Frontier X Smart Heart Monitor has the ability to accurately measure Breathing Rate, which has been shown to be the best marker of Effort - better than Heart Rate and better than GPS speed. Keeping the Effort constant and just below the Ventilatory Threshold is therefore a sound pacing strategy.

On race day Paul strapped on the Frontier X before getting on to the ferry and started the device as he made his way up the Verrazano bridge. He got his first double buzz fairly quickly and immediately defaulted to what would become a very mindful and reflective decision making process: “Am I going too fast based on where I am in the race and what I know about my body? If so, I would back off. If not, I would focus on staying relaxed and focusing on my breathing”.

What Paul noticed is that the Frontier X was acting as a subtle reminder to stay present and be a mindful athlete. Each buzz reminded him to check in with his body and actively decide if he needed to slow down or just focus on staying relaxed. Not only was his pacing better, because of his more mindful approach to the race, but also he ended up running faster even though he had just completed a Half Ironman a week prior and lacked a truly strong training base.

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