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Know the warning signs to maintain your heart health

Steven, 47, Safe Exercise

Steven has been dreaming of finishing a half marathon and has been training diligently towards his goal. The only dampers in his plan are a hypertension diagnosis and a coach who wants him to be more conservative with his training.

How did Steven steer clear from over-straining the heart and potential cardiac damage?

Steven was aware of runners developing long term cardiac damage or more horrifically, even dropping dead in marathons. Despite this knowledge and the anxiety that came with it, Steven wanted to run more and a lot faster than his coach recommended and constantly tried to do so. On one of his training days he had his Frontier X on. During the run he had the cardiac strain double buzz go off multiple times, indicating to him that he was pushing his heart and over-straining it.

With a way to measure the amount of Cardiac Strain he is experiencing during a run, Steven is now more conservative with his training. He is working towards his goal of finishing a half marathon but without entering the zone where he may over-strain and damage his heart.

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