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Optimize your workout with training load

Oliver, 53, Optimizing Training

Oliver, a highly active 53 year old who used to go to the gym, run and go climbing regularly, is stuck at home like the rest of us during the COVID lockdown. He figured out a way to workout at home with the space constraints he had by using his rooftop for his regular exercise routine. But without access to his regular paraphernalia, he felt lost. He wasn’t sure if he was doing enough and if he had to exercise more or less to match his past workouts in the gym.

how did oliver Train himself at optimum levels - regardless of sport and environment?

Luckily for Oliver, he had his Frontier X to guide him. Frontier X with its training load feature gave him an objective way to compare the exact amount of workload he is doing every time he works out on the rooftop - irrespective of whether he is doing a cardio workout or a resistance training workout. He also uses the Frontier X app that tells him his weekly training load and he tries to match it with his weekly training load before the lockdown.

With the help of this feature Oliver is able to make use of the limited space he has access to and tailor his workouts to the appropriate levels, while getting the most out of the time he spends exercising.

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