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User Manual

Frontier X can be used to monitor your effort, strain and heart rate during any exercise, including running, cycling and swimming. Frontier X is waterproof up to a depth of 1 meter.

You can use the Frontier X device by itself, or with our companion Android, iOS, or Apple watch apps. Frontier X can also be connected as a Heart Rate sensor to BLE enabled devices. However, it will only connect to one other device (smartphone or Apple watch or Garmin) at a time.

Connecting your phone to Frontier X

  1. When you unbox the Frontier X for the first time, you need to press down on the Red button for 4 seconds, and then let go. You will now see the red, blue and green LEDs light up on top of the device, and then the screen will come on and show you the logo. Once the device has been activated for the first time, you only need to press the button once to start the device.

  2. Press the red button on your Frontier X once, and the color display on the device will come on, and show you the current time, followed by a summary of your last Workout, and the device Mac ID, as well as battery and memory percentages.

  3. After this, the display will go dark, and the device will show a blinking blue light for the next 5 mins. As long as the device is flashing blue, you can connect the device to the mobile app. After 5 mins, your Frontier X will go into sleep mode to save battery.

  4. While the device is blinking blue, go to the Home Screen of the Frontier X app and click on“Connect” on the top-right corner of the app.

  5. Select the device ID of your Frontier X to connect with it.

  6. Once the device is connected the blue blinking light will turn into a green blinking light. Now you can wear the device and use the app to start recording, generate an ECG report in pdf format, or you can live stream your ECG on your mobile phone.*


Note: With the introduction of iOS 14, Apple devices now ask for the user's permission before connecting to a local network. In case your iPhone, iPad etc. uses iOS 14, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to Settings > Privacy > Local Network
2. Turn the switch for Frontier X on.

Wearing the Frontier device:

  1. First make sure that the electrodes on your Frontier X are snapped on to the buttons on the strap.

  2. Apply some water on your skin and the shiny electrode patches on the strap, to ensure good signal quality during your workout.

  3. Now wear the strap while ensuring that the button of the device is facing down, and the device is located right in the middle of your chest. When worn on the chest, the strap should feel tight, but not uncomfortable. Make sure that the shiny electrode patches on the under surface of the strap are in contact with your skin.

  4. If the weather is cold and dry, and if you are wearing a shirt not made of cotton, please spray some anti-static on the strap and on the inside of your shirt, after you are wearing your Frontier X.

Setting your alert levels

  1. Once you are wearing the device, and the device is connected to the mobile application (blinking green), select the plus sign “Workout” button on the tab at the bottom of your Home screen on the app. This will take you to the “Set Your Alerts” page.

  2. Click on the drop-down menu next to the ‘Effort Alert’, then select the Breathing Rate value at which you would like to be alerted during your training, and then click on “Set Alert”. Wait for 2 secs for the value to be updated on the device.


  3. We recommend a level of 40+ for a full-marathon, 45+ for a half marathon, 50+ for a 10k or 5k. But each individual should determine their optimal alert settings by training with the device.

  4. To select the Strain Alert, click on the drop-down menu next to the ‘Strain Alert’, then select the Strain value at which you would like to be alerted during your training, and then click on “Set Alert”. Wait for 2 secs for the value to be updated on the device.

  5. We recommend a value of 0.175+ (milliVolts) if you have no known Cardiac condition.

Recording a Workout

  1. You can record a workout either through your mobile app, or directly on your Frontier X device. If you are going for an exercise session without your mobile app, then simply double-press the red button on your Frontier X device to start. You will feel a buzz, then the display will show the words “Recording Started”. Your Frontier X will blink red when it is recording.

  2. To stop recording, double press the red button and you will feel another buzz. The display will show the words “Recording Ended”. The red blinking light will now stop.

  3. If you are going with your mobile app or Apple Watch app, then once the device is connected to the app and blinking green, navigate to the “Set Your Alerts” page and press the “Start Workout” button. The device will buzz you to confirm that the recording has started.

  4. To stop the recording from the mobile app or Apple watch app, go to the Current Workout page, and click on the red “End” button. The device will buzz you to confirm that the recording has stopped, and the LED on top of the Frontier X will stop blinking red, and start blinking green instead.

Recording an event during your run

  1. The purpose of recording events on your Frontier X is to bookmark specific moments in your workout when you were starting or stopping laps, or when you felt significant exertion, or an unusual amount of strain on your heart.

  2. To mark an event during your exercise session, press the red button on your Frontier X device one time. The recording will continue, but later you will be able to see the events you marked on the Fourth Frontier app.

Viewing Derived data on the mobile app

  1. After your workout, when you connect the Frontier X device to your mobile app, it will automatically prompt you to sync the data to the phone. If this automatic prompt does not appear, go to “Settings” in the right-bottom corner of the app and select “Get Workout Summary”.


  2. Once the syncing process starts, you will need to wait 10 to 15 seconds for data to be saved onto your phone. Once the sync is complete, you will be redirected to the History page.

  3. On the History page, you will be able to view summaries of all of your recorded workouts.

  4. When you click on a particular workout, it will show you the Summary of that particular workout.

  5. To view the timeline graph, click on the graph icon on the top right side. This will open up the detailed graph of your workout, where you will be able to see how the different parameters varied over time. If you recorded an event during your workout, it will be shown as a white line corresponding to that time.

ECG Streaming*

  1. To live-stream your ECG to your mobile phone, open your Fourth Frontier app.*

  2. Select the Menu sidebar. Click on “ECG”, then select “Live ECG”. You can exit ECG streaming by selecting Back.*

ECG Report*

  1. To generate an ECG report in PDF format, in your Fourth Frontier app go to the Menu sidebar and select ECG. Then select “ECG Report”. It will take 20 seconds to generate your ECG report.*

  2. You can choose to export your ECG report by selecting Export PDF in the upper righthand corner of the screen.*

Sync Data to Cloud

  1. Ensure that your Frontier X is charged at at least 20 percent before initiating a Cloud transfer, and downloading your raw data over WiFi, otherwise plug your device into charging before commencing the WiFi sync process.

  2. To download raw ECG data recorded during a workout from your Frontier X, open the Fourth Frontier app on your phone. Select the Menu sidebar. Then select “Sync Data”.*

  3. The app will now prompt you to connect to an access point starting with “4FAP”. Select OK to connect to this access point.

  4. After you select “OK”, the file will be fetched over WiFi and stored in your phone’s file system. The file will next be uploaded automatically to the Server, and you will receive an email indicating that your detailed report is available at in 3-4 mins.

  5. If the file did not get uploaded due to network issues, you can select “Re-upload Files” under “Settings” at any point later, and click on the upload icon next to the file name that you would like to upload. The file names are stored in the format YYYYMMDDHHMMSS_email.bin, where the date and time correspond to the time at which you initiated Sync Data.

Viewing your data on the Web Application

  1. Within 4 mins of uploading your data, you will receive an email with a link to your data. Click on the link, and then log into your account. You will re-directed you to a page like this:

  2. From this list, select the workout that you would like to see, and you will then be redirected to a page like this:

  3. On this page, you can scroll through your entire workout data. As you scroll the cursor, you will see the values of HR, Strain, QTc and BR, along with the ECG strip corresponding to the 20-secs worth of data for which the derived values have been computed.*
  4. The WebApp also allows you to measure the time interval between any two points on the ECG graph. You may use this feature to manually calculate the QT interval if needed.

Left click on a point of choice on ECG to mark it A like below :

Left click on a second point of choice on ECG to mark it point B and see the time difference between the two:

Connecting your mobile app to another device

  1. To connect to another device on your Fourth Frontier app, you will first need to unpair with the device that you had been using. In your app, select the “Disconnect” button on the top-right corner. If your Frontier X has not been used for some time, it may have disconnected automatically.

  2. Once you have disconnected from the previous device, you can connect with a new device by selecting Connect. Follow the directions for how to connect your device to your Fourth Frontier app. When a new device is connected, it should blink green.

Using Frontier X with an Apple Watch

  1. Make sure you have downloaded the Fourth Frontier app from the app store. In your iPhone, go into Watch Settings go to Frontier X, and select the option for “Show app on the Watch”

  2. Press the red button on your Frontier X once and make sure it is blinking blue. If Frontier X is connected to your smartphone application, you will need to disconnect from your phone first.

  3. Now launch the Frontier X app on your Apple watch by clicking on the icon on the Home screen, and then selecting the Fourth Frontier icon.


  4. Once Frontier X is blinking blue, scroll down on the ‘Start Activity’ page and click on ‘Connect’.

  5. You should now see your device ID. Click on your device ID that you’d like to connect to, and you should soon see a notification saying “Device connected”.


  6. You will now see a menu where you can change Effort or Strain alert settings, or start a workout.

  7. To change your Effort alert setting, select “Set Effort Alert”, then select your desired Effort setting, and then scroll down to click on “Set Effort”.


  8. To change your Strain alert setting, select “Set Strain Alert”, then select your desired Effort setting, and then scroll down to click on “Set Strain”.


  9. To start a recording, click on “Start Workout” from the main menu. Your Frontier X should now buzz you and start blinking red to indicate that it is recording. Your values will be updated on the watch screen once every 20 seconds.


  10. To stop the recording, you can scroll to the right from the current run screen, and click on the Stop button, or double-press the red button on the device.

  11. The current workout screen will now show “Summary” on top, and the timer will stop. You can now scroll down a little and click on “Done” to go back to the main screen and disconnect or start another workout.


  12. Disconnect Frontier X from your watch, and sync with your phone to view your data.


Sanitization Procedure of the device and strap

a) Frontier X device and strap can be easily and effectively sanitized by using a mild soap solution. This is the preferred method.

    1. Sanitize your hands first prior to handling the device
    2. Add 3 drops of liquid soap (hand wash soap that is commonly available) to 500 ml of room temperature or cold water, and create a frothy solution
    3. Soak the device for 20 seconds, rub the device thoroughly in the soap solution; remove the device, rinse with clean water, wipe with a soft cloth, and shake dry.
    4. Soak the strap for 2-3 minutes, rub the strap thoroughly and gently in the soap solution
    5. Remove the strap from the soap solution; soak and rub the strap gently for about 20 seconds in clean water to remove the soapy residue, then hang to dry.


b) If soap is not available at your location, use an alcohol-based sanitizer, such as commonly available hand sanitizer, that contains at least 70% isopropyl alcohol.

    1. Sanitize your hands first prior to handling the device
    2. Dispense 1 drop of sanitizer on either side of the device; dispense 1 drop into the USB port opening as well; rub device surface thoroughly and gently for about 20-30 seconds with a soft cloth.
    3. Set device aside to dry for 2 minutes, then wipe with a clean soft cloth
    4. Dispense 5-6 drops into a soft cloth, rub both surfaces of the strap gently and thoroughly for at least 20 seconds to spread the sanitizer throughout the fabric.
    5. Set the strap aside for 2 minutes, then wipe with a clean soft cloth.



Charging the device

  1. Connect the device to any regular micro-USB charger, using the micro-USB port located on the device. Your device should charge fully in two hours.

  2. You can view the battery level on the device screen while the device is charging. Once the battery level crosses 95%, the device is sufficiently charged, and you can disconnect from the charger.

  3. Ensure that your Frontier X is charged at at least 20 percent before downloading your raw data over WiFi. Other functions can be used until the battery level reaches 10 percent.

Firmware Upgrade

  1. Firmware is the software that runs on your Frontier X device. If there is a new version of the Firmware available on our server, your device Firmware will automatically be updated when you connect your device to the app, assuming that no recording is taking place at that time.

  2. Wait for the progress bar to complete. After this, the device will reset, indicated by a succession of solid blue, red, green, and blue lights, and a small vibration.

  3. Your Frontier X should reset and re-connected automatically to the Fourth Frontier app.

*New* Live Broadcast feature  

  1. You can now broadcast your physiological parameters live during any kind of workout, using the Frontier X device and app.

  2. To enable your friends and family to view your live data during any workout, please go to the Setting page of the app and enable the live broadcast option.

  3. Now you just need to connect your phone to the Frontier X before starting your workout, and carry the phone on your workout. Every 20 secs, when your parameters (Effort, Strain, HR, Cadence) are updated on your phone, they will also be sent to a web server, where anyone can view your data instantly.

  4. Anyone who wants to view your data can go to or to view your live data. Your relatives or friends can also click on "View Live Plot" to look at how your data is varying over time.

Washing the strap and cleaning the Frontier X

  1. Wash the strap by hand in mild detergent. Hang to dry.

  2. Do not scrub hard. Do not put the strap or device in a washer or dryer.

  3. If you plan to use your Frontier X in an open water body (lake or sea), please insert the plastic cap provided into the micro-USB socket of the device. You do not need to insert the plastic cap if you are swimming in a regular chlorinated pool. Please rinse the Frontier X under a tap after use in sea water.

Dealing with unexpected issues

  1. If your Frontier X is behaving in an unexpected manner, press and hold the red button on the device for 5 to 6 seconds, until the lights go off. Release the button. The device will reboot, indicated by a succession of red, then green, then blue lights, and a small vibration. Now your Frontier X should be ready to use as before.

  2. If the Fourth Frontier app seems to be malfunctioning, press your phone’s home button to quit the app. Wait for 5 seconds before rebooting the app. You should now be able to use the app and the device as before.

  3. If the date and time on your Frontier X, or on your workouts page seem wrong, please disconnect Frontier X from your mobile app, and then connect again. You should see a message saying “Device timestamp updated” on your mobile app. Now check the time on the Frontier X screen by clicking the red button once.

Product Hardware Specifications:

Manufactured for: Fourth Frontier Technologies Pvt Ltd

Brand name: Fourth Frontier

Model name: Frontier X

Dimensions: 73mm x 24mm x 13mm

Weight: 25g

Input voltage: 5V/ 0.5A DC

Charging method: Using standard MicroUSB cable only

Battery: Rechargeable Lithium Polymer 3.7v, 240mAH

Charge time: ~2-3 hrs for a full charge

Battery usage: Continuous: 50 hours (approx)

Typical (6hrs usage per day): 8 days (approx)

Wireless: Bluetooth BLE 4.2


IP Rating: IP67 water-resistant up to 1m depth

Casing: Polycarbonate material

External conditions: Operating temp range 0 to +45 degC

Storage temp range -10 to +55 degC

Chest Strap: Elasticized fabric with conductive and insulative layers

Meets REACH and RoHS 2 requirements

Elastic: 27%, Nylon: 47%, Polyester 26%

Regulatory: In compliance with FCC/ IC, CE, WEEE