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COVID-19: Stay Safe with the Frontier X

Use the Frontier X to be on top of your cardiac health and protect yourself and your loved ones from the comfort of your home.*

The COVID-19 situation has overwhelmed hospitals and made it difficult and downright risky for you to keep your regular cardiac check-ups or to see a doctor. Further, Cardiac side effects have also been reported in COVID-19 affected patients.

While Frontier X was designed to help you keep your heart safe and strengthen it as you exercise, it can also help you take control of your and your loved onesโ€™ cardiac health.

Frontier X and your Cardiac Health.*

Frontier X packs a lot of unique features that help care for your heart remotely without you ever stepping out of your home.

Frontier X records ECG continuously through any activity you do during the day (including a shower), allows you to live-stream it to someone of your choice remotely.

To help COVID-19 patients, healthcare and other frontline workers, Frontier X also measures QT interval. A prolonged QT interval can lead to arrhythmias that could cause fainting spells, seizures and in some cases be fatal. Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is being widely used as a prophylactic for COVID-19, but has known cardiotoxicity effects and could result in prolonged QT in many individuals. Frontier X with its capability to measure QT, lets you monitor the cardiotoxic effect of drugs and titre the dosage to prevent any adverse outcomes.

In order to promote better cardiac health, Frontier X:

  1. Monitors and tracks irregularities in your heartbeat
  2. Measures QT interval
  3. Measures cardiac strain
  4. Gives you real-time alerts when cardiac strain crosses acceptable levels
  5. Allows you to share all the data instantly and remotely

Get extra support during COVID-19.*

If you need assistance with any aspect of usage of the device, app and reports, our capable team is here to help. You can reach out to us and schedule a call at a time of your choosing.

We believe Frontier X can help the community stay safe by keeping away from any avoidable exposure to the COVID-19 virus and reduce the burden on the overwhelmed healthcare system.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all the lives affected by the COVID-19 virus. We are continuously evolving the ways in which we can do our bit in this fight and we will keep you updated on the developments.

How can the Frontier X help you during COVID-19?

Talk to our experts to learn more about how you can stay on top of your cardiac health from the comfort of your home.