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"Frontier X is by far the most advanced of any wearable technology available today."

Paula Radcliffe
Former Women's Marathon World Record Holder

Measure What Matters

Frontier X is the world's first chest-worn device that instantly and accurately detects novel physiological signals like cardiac strain and breathing rate that have so far only been available in sports medicine labs.

Continuously monitor heart health

Tune into your body's optimal pace

Review and plan weekly training load

Run distraction free

Monitor Cardiac Strain

"What’s groundbreaking about the Frontier X is that this information has never been obtainable outside a lab. And it resonates massively for me personally, because had I been wearing it five years ago, it could potentially have given me a warning about my building atrial fibrillation, a heart defect that can randomly develop in any one of us."

-Tim Hutchings
Marathon broadcaster and 1984 UK Olympian

Protect Your Heart

“The heart and lungs are the fundamental foundations of all endurance sport. Frontier X enables us to protect and listen to them, thus helping us all to work with our bodies in far greater harmony. ...when you’ve been running as long as I have and when you’ve been racing as an elite, you tend to think you know it all about performance, but I had actually never seen the feedback of an ECG while I was running."

- Paula Radcliffe
Former Women's Marathon World Record Holder



The new Frontier:
Measure what matters with the breath of fresh air in performance monitoring

The health and fitness trends of 2020?
Here are the movers and shakers.

Revolutionary Wearable Tech Frontier X
debuts At TCS NYC Marathon

Work your heart.
Don't wear it down.

Frontier X measures the strain on your heart muscles, and warns you with a double buzz if your heart muscle's needs aren't being met.

Hold your pace.
It's a long race.

Frontier X monitors every breath you take, and alerts you with a buzz when you cross your sustainable effort level.

Break barriers.
Without breakdowns.

Frontier X measures your true internal load during different sports and helps you reduce your risk of injury and overtraining.


Free your mind.
Train distraction-free.

Frontier X keeps a close watch on you and buzzes you only when you need to be alerted, allowing you to simply enjoy your sport and the atmosphere.

Product Features

Cardiac Strain based on ECG

Real-time vibration alerts when crossing Cardiac Strain and Effort thresholds.

Suitable for running, swimming and other endurance sports

ECG live-streaming and
recording for up to 24 hrs

Accurate Heart Rate measurement

Sweat-proof and waterproof up to 1.5 meters

Effort estimation based on breathing rate

Real time data on smartphones and select smartwatches.

Up to 24hrs of continuous use or 2 weeks of typical use

"For endurance athletes, Frontier X is a game-changer that impacts optimal training load and performance by measuring breathing rate, the most important variable in training. For anyone who exercises, the additional measurement of overall heart health is a potential life changer."


Michael Conlon
Founder of Finish Line Physical Therapy

"Heart rate tells only a small part of the story. Real effort depends on breathing rate and cardiac strain, amongst other factors. Frontier X gives me a detailed ECG for every run and helps me keep track of my training load based on real effort."


Yash Muthiyan
Running blogger and regular marathoner

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